GW CS Senior Design 2020


Suraj Shah Kyle Rood Ben Fernandez

AmberVision is one part of a solution to the question: how can we leverage existing technology to search for Amber Alert victims? AmberVision has a simple goal -- detect cars and display these detections to law enforcement. With this goal in mind, we aim to use a clear and concise design method so that the law enforcement can successfully receive the information we provide.

Bio: From left to right: Ben Fernandez, Kyle Rood, Suraj Shah.

Info for Ben: Ben is a senior graduating in Spring 2020 and is moving to the Bay Area to work as a software engineer at Genentech. Ben's hobbies include climbing, making smoothies, and watching youtube 🤩

Info for Kyle: Kyle is a graduating Senior who will be taking part in the 5-Year Master's Program in Computer Science, with a concentration in Computer Vision and AI at The George Washington University. He likes cooking, baking, and making food. Cheers!

Info for Suraj: Suraj is a senior who will be graduating and coming back for a 5th-year master's in CS at GW. He likes to work on side projects that help solve problems. Some of his hobbies include skiing, photography, cooking, and playing chess.


  • Link to Video on Google Drive (In case youtube link does not work)